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Every logo design is already used by proudly owners. Would you be happy to see your logo here?


Logo design for Doterra essential oils Personal Advocates


Logo design for a company about transport planning

Handmade ceramic

Logo design for a small pottery

Orthodentist logo

Feminist style Orthodentist logo design

Editorial design

Look you can have something similar. 

Roll up

Roll up for exhibitions, open meetings, conferences

trifolded flyer

Prepared for an environmental education campaign

Trifolded broshure

Orthodonthic medical trifolded broshure.

Corporate branding

Complex brand identity elements with business card,  official letter design

web design

Few examples of the websites I built. These are my latest works. The working process was amasing. I loved every minute of building these special designed websites.

Dentist website

 The target of this website was the dental tourism. So, the special requirement of this site was, to attract people from all over the word for dentistry in Transylvania.

Visit the site

airconditioner website

a webshop on airconditioners / heating and cooling system

Visit the site

webdesign | orthodontic

Orthodonthic website

The special requirement of this website was to build an online booking system, in the frame of which the dentists (the clients of the website owner) can reserve certain periods for dental braces or other appliances.

visit the site

Handmade Soaps webshop

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