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  • Logo design
  • Brand design
  • Webdesign

 for  Orinion Way –  a Hungarian Company which deals with road and traffic planning.

The basic colours and the graphic elements of the logo – were composed using the combination of dark blue and orange. The design was inspired by road construction elements.

Logo in black and white

A logo must function in different platforms. So, it has to look perfect in black and white as well. If it looks fine than the next step is to find the right colour palette.

Brand elements in different platforms

The logo has to be able to represent the company in different areas. For this purpose I just tested it on a T-shirt design. Not bad. Is it?

Business card

The accomplished visual identity elements must be appropriate for a business card which represents also the company’s image.

Corporate letter design

The signature and the official letter design is part of the brand design package.


Last but not least touching the issue of web design.  After all visual identity elements are built systematically it is easy to work out the web design of the company which reflects the brand image already composed.

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