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About Me

Passionate  for web design and graphic design

  • Hi, I am Abigél, a passionate lover of web design and graphic design.
  • I live in Hungary but work with people from all over the world. Click here to see my Hungarian webpage.
  • I am The Designer who is able to make your vision come true.
  • I am able to give an online face to your brand in the exact way and style you imagine.
  • I can be the hand of your soul.
  • Please have a short visit to my portfolio then drop me an e-mail.
  • cklik here to see more about me

Let’s Get Started

Profesional Websites and web design

How is the website going to look like?

  • RESPONSIVE – perfect for any device, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • SEO OPTIMISED – when searching on Google, it will be in the first line.
  • DESIGNED IN YOUR STYLE – your brand identity will be reflected by every element of your website.

HAVE A LOOK at my demo webpage designed for a photographer.

Gift for you

You can download here my freebes soon.


Related Work

Happy clients

During my work I made many clients happy by drawing them a brand, making them logo, brochures and helping them in their online marketing and social communication like Instagram or Facebook page.


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